Best Bars in Berlin in 2019

This is our never ending updated curation of Bestush Bars in Berlin

1. Clash

You have to be into hard rock to like this bar, but it is honestly worth it.
Gneisenaustr. 2 a 10961 Berlin Germany

2. Kumpelnest 3000

Classic place to visit on your trip to Berlin. Great atmosphere. Cheap drinks and great bartenders. Super fun.
Lützowstr. 23 10785 Berlin Germany

3. Berlin Capital Club

Without doubt one of the most pleasant places in the city of Berlin. I love to start the day with an appointment in the BCC.
Mohrenstr. 30 10117 Berlin Germany

4. Monkey Bar

You will have to wait to go up to the Monkey Bar but it's worth the waiting. You will be able to enjoy the view on Tiergarten, in a nice atmosphere.
Budapester Str. 40 10787 Berlin Germany

5. Kaschk

Kasch isn't far from either Montery or Mikkeller, and it's a fabulous stop for anyone that is truly a fan of excellent beer! A small, laid back, mellow
Linienstr. 40 10119 Berlin Germany

6. Klunkerkranich

Not far away is the exact type of place that makes Berlin wonderful. Klunkerkranich defies explanation, but I'll do my best.
Karl-Marx-Str. 66 12043 Berlin Germany


This place is freakin RAD!!!! Hippie like community. Several foods joints inside and few bars and cool art and graffiti.
An der Schillingbrücke 3 10243 Berlin Germany

8. Newton Bar

Terrible bar, pretentious. Not really a cocktail bar, bar tenders clearly do not know what they are doing. One of the worse old fashioned I ever had.
Charlottenstr. 57 10117 Berlin Germany

9. Mein Haus am See

Yeah, it's touristy, and it IS right off Rosenthaler, and it IS open 24 hours, so what do you expect? To quote another reviewer, this place serves its
Brunnenstr. 197 - 198 10119 Berlin Germany

10. Posh Bar

Writing this review after four unforgettable nights at this bar.
Voxstr. 4 10785 Berlin Germany

11. Journalistenclub

Axel-Springer-Str. 65 10969 Berlin Germany

12. Goldfisch Bar

This place has amazing drinks! There's this one drink that is colorless and smells like cleaning fluid.
Grünberger Str. 67 10245 Berlin Germany

13. Times Bar

Fasanenstr. 9-10 10623 Berlin Germany

14. 925 Lounge Bar

Taubenstr. 19 10117 Berlin Germany

15. Bebel Bar & Lounge

WINE DRINKERS BEWARE. The pour is about half of what you would get anywhere else.
Rocco Forte Hotel de Rome Behrenstr. 37 10117 Berlin Germany

16. Trinkteufel

So, I get it: when two tourists walk in and try to order a beer at the bar, they need to be ignored for a good 5 minutes to put them in their place, even if
Naunynstr. 60 10997 Berlin Germany

17. Wild At Heart

Chill, easy vibe, intimate atmosphere. Lots of live bands, but sometimes could be a slow night.
Wiener Str. 20 10999 Berlin Germany

18. Upside Down - Bar

Wallstr. 70 10179 Berlin Germany

19. Misfit

All we wanted was to find a place with no douchebags.
Leuschnerdamm 41 10999 Berlin Germany

20. Mittelbar

It's on the expensive side but the coffee and the service is great, also I found the aquariums very entertaining and relaxing behind the bar
Axel-springer-passage Markgrafenstr. 19 A 10969 Berlin Germany

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